� On site electricity generation.
� Post production material utilization..Residual material is processed to fuel factory boilers and any excess is given to other companies for the same purpose, with the aim of corporate efficiency and respect of the environment.
� Respect and care of the environment. Our plants are checked annually to ensure their operation meets legal atmospheric emissions limits. Our Chain of Custody certification demonstrates our commitment to provide our customers a verifiable guarantee that the timber we use comes from well managed forests, rather than "slash and burn" sources. We do this to stress and protect social and environment values, starting from timber that is certified environmental sustainable to the assurance we give to our customers that our procedures are green, and that we seek to protect forests and ensure that their management is the same.
� Wood quality guarantee. Our production utilizes raw materials that come primarily from areas that are subject to controlled reforestation, under local and international agencies.
� Raw material to final product. Pozzi Albino manages the entire production process. It deals with and treats the wood it uses with love and care, from the trunk to the end products, whether they are furnishings, houses from Haus & Bio, roofs or "Antico di Lombardia" interiors.
� A reliving of history. You will find the past reincarnated in our products, thanks to our continuous searching for historical treasures.
� Maintaining traditions
� The constant research and experimentation of Pozzi Albino's experts, architects and designers, in collaboration with our clients' ideas demonstrate our commitment to products that respect the environment.