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Italian Certification

Pozzi Albino was initially Italian Ministry certified to produce and process structural elements, a confirmation of the validity of its long experience in the sector. This phase consisted of roofs. Now structural walls (plain, oblique and vertical) have been added, resulting in complete wooden building certification.

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CE Certification

The long experience in wood processing allowed us easily to obtain the CE mark for many of our products. Pozzi Albino also has FPC (Factory Production Control) certification for proper production procedures and to respond to the demands of appropriate UNI rules.

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PEFC Certification

The European PEFC certificate is based on six requirements for sustainable forestry management. Its objective is to guarantee to the consumer that certified products come from areas, companies, and other entities that manage forests with special attention to environmental, social and economic aspects. For this reason Pozzi Albino wanted to formalize, with the CoC (Chain of Custody) certificate, its long belief in and utilization of raw materials that are ecologically sustainable.

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SOA Certification

In 2010 Pozzi Albino obtained the SOA Certification, necessary for public works, that demonstrates a commitment to develop the sector of structures and/or a higher quality level of wooden finishing.

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Quality Certification ISO 9001:2015

Pozzi Albino obtained the quality certification ISO 9001:2008 in 2012 for the following activities:
- production of wooden elements (CE marked floors and structural elements)
- mounting of structures, including floors